Student Testimonials & Stories

Ms. Anna has been my children’ s piano teacher for three years now, and I am very much impressed by her rare ability to understand personality of every child and demonstrate individual approach to every student she teaches. I believe it is possible only if the music teacher loves children and can recognize the individuality and talent of each child. My son was very reluctant to go for piano lessons but Ms. Anna managed to awaken his interest and even inspire him, so my son passed ABRSM test with distinction. I am highly satisfied with Ms. Anna not only as an incredible pianist but also as a wonderful teacher. She is able to convey her fascination with classical music to her students by telling interesting stories from the lives of great composers , by playing beautiful piano pieces, and by creating that special environment during recitals. I certainly recommend Ms. Anna as a piano teacher to anyone, since she will definitely be able to develop the best in them. — Karen, Tustin CA

Ms. Anna has many qualities for an ideal piano teacher. She is gifted in connecting to her students, understanding his or her strengths and interests, and tailoring her instructions accordingly. Her energy, enthusiasm, and sense of humor make her lessons engaging and fun. Ms. Anna’ s training and professional background as an accomplished classical pianist is invaluable, as she can draw on her deep knowledge and understanding of a wide range of classical music. Her artistic intuition , backed by her intellect and empathy, inspires each lesson. Most of all, Ms. Anna becomes a caring friend to her students, parents and community, as her kindness, fairness and generosity always guide her interaction with others around her. — Simone, Irvine CA

You really helped me grow so much over this past year. I’m very excited! 🙂 — Nikita Ganeshan

My piano teacher, Ms. Anna, is a great teacher. She incorporates metaphors to her teaching, which allows me to get a very good sense of what I am learning. Also, instead of just making me do the song without thinking, she makes me analyze the music, learn about the time period and composer, think about the mood of the piece, and other details that really help develop a knowledge of the song, allowing me to play the piano very well. Ms. Anna is a great teacher, and understands the proper way to teach piano. — Nishad Francis